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Many of the pages on the Memories, Patriotic, and Inspiration pages include the piano orchestral music of recording artist Mary Beth Carlson.  In the early 90's, Mary Beth left her career as a second grade teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue her dream of a music career.  That has led to the release of 24 CD's including four Christmas ones.  She performs numerous concerts throughout the country during the year.

Her music is described as "Relaxing, inspiring, imaginative ... providing a healing sense of serenity, joy, and well-being."  Following is a brief interview with Mary Beth which gives some insight to her:


To what or whom do you attribute your success?

Music is a beautiful, treasured gift from God.   I am grateful He is leading me on a journey in which I have opportunities to share this gift.   I know I’m on the right path when I hear from appreciative listeners who tell me moving stories of how my music has been personally meaningful in their lives.


You left a successful and rewarding career teaching second grade to pursue opportunities in the field of music.   What led you to this decision?  Do you have regrets, and how has this impacted your music career?

 It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.   I love children and greatly miss the day to day joys of watching them learn and grow.   I especially miss the magic of teaching through music, composing songs for my students in search of an instructional method that would reach students of all learning styles.   Each year I was challenged with a diverse group of children with needs including academic, physical, and social/emotional disorders. Singing was something all of my students seemed to “connect” with and enjoy, so I wrote several songs to correspond with our district’s curriculum and to encourage positive self esteem and cooperation in our classroom. Teaching was energizing, and I thrived in this role.   However, I had an impassioned desire to spend more time creating and sharing music.   My husband suggested I inquire about a part-time position as a pianist at the brand new Mall of America in Minneapolis.   I began playing on weekends at Nordstrom, and people’s requests for music I performed sparked an interest in a recording endeavor.   At this point I had to choose between teaching and the music profession.  I resigned from teaching, but continue to enjoy being surrounded by children while playing Disney tunes at Nordstrom or including a segment especially for children at a concert.


How do you define success?

When I have made a positive difference in someone’s day by saying or doing something to help make them feel cared for, special or important, I am blessed.   When I observe my children giving to and loving others unconditionally, the intrinsic reward is indescribable.   When I connect with our daughter who is autistic through our special lullaby, a psalm of praise, or a moment when I’m singing to her and our eyes meet; I see her soul, and all is well.   When the gift of music from my heart is being used to reach the hearts of others, the glory, or success, is attributed to the Giver of all gifts.   In the grand scheme, success is a continuing ‘long and winding road’ filled with many stepping stones, some of which will be achievements, others failures.   Success is a journey of hopes, dreams, and certainly aspirations, but not necessarily destinations.


Mary Beth Carlson Music

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