In Memoriam

(Music:  "Eternal Father" by Gary Prim)






To some of us, you were acquaintances;

To some of us, you were our friends;

To some of us, you were our very special friends;

To some of us, you were spouses and the parent of our children;

To all of us, you will always be members of the

Sycamore High School Class of 1961,

And We Will Never Forget You.


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Nancy Backus

Glenn Beckett

Sidney Branch

Phillip Bryan

Henry Bullock

Mike Chandler

Dan Dreyer

Betty Dye

Jim Edmondson

Rick Edwards

Gene Evans

Barbara Geiser

Hattie Glover

Earl Gunter

Myrna Horton

Fred Leverenz

Jerry (Lillie) Reardon

Rose Marie Miller

Nancy Mizner

Jeff Owens

George Pairan

Richard Pugh

Judy Radabaugh

Betty Randall

Jerry Rice

Bill Smith

James Stacey

Ron Starks

Harold Vogt

T. J. Wagner

Sue Whitaker

Ann Windhorn

Buddy Winesett

Anna Wolke