Class of 1961 Trivia




1.    What was the street address of Sycamore High School?


        A.  5757 Cooper Road


2.    Who was the nickname for the Sycamore athletic teams?


        A.  Aviators


3.    Who was the school Principal?


        A.  Walter Denecke










4.    Who was the school Librarian?


        A.  Dorothy Lancaster




5.    Who was the Athletic Director?


        A.  James Turner





6.    Who was the Girl’s Athletic Director?


        A.  Mary Lou Weber




7.   Who were our six Senior home room teachers?

A.     George Acus

B.     Drusilla Ham

C.     Nancy Higdon

D.     George Mart

E.      Don Schnurrenberger

F.      Mary Lou Weber

             Photo - Senior Home Room Teachers (L to R):  George Mart, Don Schnurrenberger, Drusilla Ham,

             Nancy Higdon, Mary Lou Weber, George Acus


8.   Who were our Senior Class officers?

A.     President:  Alan Siebe

B.     Vice President:  Jill Garbutt

C.     Secretary:  Linda Brumley

D.     Treasurer:  Jerry Walker

             Photo - Senior Class Officers (L to R): Jerry Walker, Jill Garbutt, Linda Brumley, Alan Siebe


9.   Who was Student Council President?

A.     Pat Traud

            Photo - Student Council Officers (L to R):  Penny Domina (Vice President), Pat Traud (President),

            Tom Stanley (Secretary), Bob Irvin (Treasurer)


10. Who was National Honor Society President?

A.     Linda Brumley

            Photo - National Honor Society Officers (L to R): Alan Siebe (Vice President), Linda Brumley (President),

            George  Ross (Faculty Adviser), Nancy Backus (Secretary), Dan Poe (Treasurer)


11. What was the name of the student newspaper?

A.     “Keyhole”


12. Who were the Co-Editors of the student newspaper?

A.     Nancy Backus

B.     Ron Kennedy

      Photo - "Keyhole" Staff (L to R / Front to Back): Susan Smith (Assistant Editor), Nancy Backus (Co-Editor), Ann Windhorn (Business Manager), Sallie Raymond (Assistant Editor), Ron Kennedy (Co-Editor), Robert Buster (Faculty Adviser), Dick Kraus (Sports Editor)

13. What was the name of the yearbook?

 A.     “Sycamore Log”

14. Who were the Editor and Co-Assistant Editors of the yearbook?

 A.     Editor:  Colleen Gaeb

          Photo (L to R): Colleen Gaeb ("Sycamore Log" Editor), Drusilla Ham (Faculty Adviser)


 B.     Co-Assistant Editors:  Ruth Trainor / Rose Miller

                Photo - "Sycamore Log" Co-Assistant Editors (L to R): Ruth Trainor, Rose Miller


15. What school was Sycamore Co-Champions of the Hamilton County League in football with?

 A.     Princeton

16. Who were the four Senior Class members of the football Varsity Cheerleaders?

A.     Linda Brumley

B.     Jill Garbutt

C.     Myrna Horton

D.     Nancy Mizner

   Photo - Football Varsity Cheerleaders (L to R / Back to Front): Nancy Mizner, Myrna Horton, Linda Brumley,

   Jill Garbutt, Joan LaDucer, Jo Ann French, Nancy Allendorf, Janet Wuenker


17. Who was the Drum Major for the school band?

 A.     Bill Lawson

          Photo (L to R): Bill Lawson (Drum Major), Dave Schmidt (Assistant Drum Major), Jeb Bagenstose (Assistant

          Drum Major)


18. Who was the Head Majorette for the school band?

 A.     Barbara Geiser

          Photo (L to R): Barbara Geiser (Head Majorette), Jack Wagner (Band Director)


19. Who were the King and Queen of the Homecoming Dance (October 14, 1960)?

A.     King:  Mike Chandler

B.     Queen:  Nancy Mizner

         Photo - Homecoming Dance Queen - King:  Nancy Mizner, Mike Chandler

20. What was the theme for the Annual Christmas Dance (December 17, 1960)?

A.     “Christmas Dreams”

          Photo - Christmas Dance Queen:  Nancy Allendorf with Danny Poe

21. What was the name of the winning play in the “One-Act Play Tournament?

A.     “St. Joan” starring Barbara Geiser

          Photo - "St. Joan" (L to R):  Barbara Geiser (St. Joan), Uwe Rudolf (Cauchon)


22. What was the title for the “9th Annual Senior Assembly” presented by The Senior Class of 1961 and what was the theme song for the assembly (March 24, 1961)?

A.     “5757 Cooper Road”

B.     “There’s Something About a Sycamore Log” ("Sycamore Log Song")

          "There's something about a Sy-ca-more Log

          That brings back mem-o-ries,

          There's something about a Sy-ca-more Log

          That shows activities,

          There's G.A.A.and plays to see and all the Sports Events

          There's pages where we're sure you'll see

          Your money is well spent

          So, hurry, hurry, right away

          And buy your Syca-more Log today!!!"

23. What was the location for the Senior Trip (March 30 - April 3, 1961)?

A.     Washington, D.C.

          Photo - Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C. (April 1961)   

24. What was the name of the Senior Class Play (April 14 - 15, 1961)?

A.     “Life with Father”

          Photo - "Life with Father" (L to R):  Bill Lawson (Clarence Day, Jr.), Barbara Geiser (Vinnie Day), Pat

          Traud (Cora), Jill Garbutt (Mary Skinner)

25. What was the theme for the Junior-Senior Prom (April 21, 1961)?

A.     “The Aqua Mirage”

          Photo - Prom Court (L to R):  Ron Robson (Attendant), Myrna Horton (Attendant), Rick Edwards

          (Attendant), Betterae Barker (Attendant), Jill Garbutt (Princess), Rick Brown (Prince), Alan Siebe (King),

          Linda Brumley (Queen)


26. Who were the King and Queen of the Junior-Senior Prom?

A.     King:  Alan Siebe

B.     Queen:  Linda Brumley

         Photo - Prom Queen and King: Linda Brumley, Alan Siebe


27. What was the date of our graduation?

A.     June 8, 1961

         Photos - Graduation Program / Graduation Procession



28. Who was the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian?

A.     Valedictorian:  Alan Siebe

B.     Salutatorian:  Carolyn Weidig


29. What were our class colors?

A.     Green and White

               Photo - Class Colors from Graduation Program


30. What was our class motto?

A.     “We have crossed the bay, the ocean lies before us.”

          Photo - Class Motto from Graduation Program

31. Match the teacher with their appropriate role (correct roles are shown):

1.  George Acus

G.  Head Football & Basketball Coach



2.  Jean Bowman

E.  Counseling



3.  Robert Buster

I.  World History / American History



4.  Richard Dugan

L.  Physics / Algebra



5.  Drusilla Ham

R.  Business Education



6.  Nancy Higdon

J.  English / Creative Writing



7.  Mary Jane Kromer

N.  School Nurse



8.  Mary Malone

O.  English



9.  George Mart

A.  General Business / Consumer Economics



10.  Donald Mayleben

Q.  Law / Sales / Bookkeeping



11.  Jacqueline Mundell

P.  English / Speech / Drama



12.  Richard Pont

C.  Wood Shop / Head Track Coach



13.  George Ross

H.  American History / American Government



14.  Don Schnurrenberger

S.  Physical Education



15.  Doris (Kile) Schnurrenberger

B.  Home Economics



16.  Marjorie Skolos

K.  Music



17.  Mary Lou Weber

T.  Girl’s Physical Education



18.  Esther Van Houten

D.  Spanish / English



19.  John Van Houten

M.  Biology / General Science / Geography



20.  Jack Wagner

F.  Band / Instrumental Music