Saturday School Tours

September 10, 2011

High School and Junior High School Tours


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Time:  11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Locations:  Sycamore High School / Sycamore Junior High School (old high school)



Late on Saturday morning, we met at the Sycamore Junior High School (our old high school) to begin a tour of both the Junior High School and the "new" Senior High School.  Jerry Walker led a group of 16 of us on the tours.

The Junior High School showed us few similarities to the building we remember.  There was one hall that looked the same as well as the auditorium, field house, and cafeteria (which was still located in the Junior High School we remember).  We were all amazed how tiny the auditorium and cafeteria were as compared to our recollection.  However, the portion of the field house that was there when we attended looked as if it was ready for a basketball game at any moment.

From there, we moved to the current Sycamore High School which is located on Cornell Road.  Of course, it was the first time that most of us had ever been in the building so everything was new to us.  One of our first stops was to view the Sycamore Athletic Hall of Fame plaques of classmates Bev Rummel (inducted in 2009), Alan Siebe (inducted in 1998), and Jerry Walker (inducted in 1995).  We also remembered staff members Jim Turner (inducted in 1995 - athletic director), Bud Acus (inducted in 1995 - football), Dan Henke (inducted in 1997 - baseball), and Walter Denecke (inducted in 2009 - athletic director) who are also members of the Hall of Fame.

Other highlights of the tour were the theaters, media center ("library"), sports trophies (including the 1960 Hamilton County League football championship), and the Gregory weight training center.  We were all especially impressed by the flags of the 32 countries where students at Sycamore were born that circled the media center.  Our tours concluded around 1:00 pm.


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