Reunion Reflections


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"The events of the past several days have been among the most memorable of my life, and perhaps yours as well.  From the moments before the riverboat dinner cruise last Thursday to the see-ya-laters (never, ever say good-bye) of Sunday, and literally every moment in-between, memories accumulated during the 50th reunion of our 1961 Sycamore class which have been both incredible and indelible!

When this past week finally came around, as weeks always seem to do any more, it arrived very quickly.  In retrospect, it left even quicker than it had arrived, yet the flavor of the event lingers longer!

Friendships were aplenty.  They weren't renewed, 'cause real friendships never go away, never die.  They just hibernate for awhile.

And in yet other situations, a few of us learned things about some of our classmates we never had known, really known, and never would have but for this reunion.  It gave us a different perspective than we might've had back in school and fostered an appreciation that might not have existed back then for those we got to know just a little better this year.  In some cases, new friendships were made, but only after a bit of conversation and fellowship brought understanding and appreciation to the fore.

As for the scheduled events, each was well-conceived and came off without a hitch, the venues were excellent, the food was very good, and our classmates, well, what can I say?

In all, good stuff!!

Here's looking forward to our 55th, and for that matter, our 100th.  Nothing like setting a few records along the way!"

Doug "Zeke" Smith


"What a wonderful weekend.  Our planning committee did an awesome job and it was so much fun!  I wish that more could have come but enjoyed getting to spend time with the ones that made it.  This weekend was priceless!"

Pat (Traud) Sweet


"I agree to all the above.  Jerry Walker is fun and knows a lot about Sycamore and the good days !!!  Great to see everyone."

Marlene (Bobb) Alder


"What a great weekend!  Special thanks go to all on the reunion committee for putting all of the events together.  I enjoyed seeing everyone and am looking forward to the 60th."

John Wilkinson


"Gosh what a grand weekend.  It was like coming home after a long time and finding forgotten Christmas presents a little dusty and some wear from time, but inside a lot of great memories and good friendship.  Health and happiness to each and everyone of you."

George Pairan


"It was a wonderful reunion.  George and I enjoyed every minute and especially catching up with so many from our class.   Martie, you and the committee did a fabulous job.  The four day event was absolutely perfect.  Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard to put this reunion together."

Joan (Brewester) Morgan / George Morgan


"John and I had a great time with everyone, but I do have to say that Jerry Walker was the belle of the ball!"

Sharon (Mullikin) Foley / John Foley


"Ed and I had a great time at each event.  I agree with Zeke - our friendships don't end; they hibernate.  Also, with Pat that I cherish each of you because you are part of my history.  Jerry Walker giving the hurdle boards was one of the neatest presentations I've ever seen ... then there was Zeke Smith, Skip Smith, and Jerry Walker on Friday night ... then there was ... Wonderful!"

Linda (Brumley) Paul