45th Anniversary Reunion

(September 8 - 10, 2006)

(Music:  "A Place in Every Heart" by Mary Beth Carlson)


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On June 8, 2006, we celebrated the 45th anniversary of our graduation from Sycamore.  We commemorated this special anniversary in a class reunion held on September 8 - 10 in Montgomery, Ohio.


"There's a place in every heart

Sheltered from the storm

Guarded by a love

That knows no end.

In a place of peace and trust

Safely tucked away

Lives a treasure beyond worth

Called Friend."


(From "A Place in Every Heart" by pianist Mary Beth Carlson)

"A Place in Every Heart" (complete words and music)


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45th Anniversary Reunion - September 9, 2006


Front Row (left to right): Linda Brumley / Sandra Sommers / Linda Wright    / Brenda Pasley / Martie Arbic / Nancy Backus / Marlene Bobb / Connie Stradtman

Second Row (left to right): Otto Saer / Phil Bryan / Jerry Walker / George Morgan / Dave Stamper / Ron Kennedy / Alan Siebe / Neil Strawser / Ron Robson / Bill Bruner / Zeke Smith / Bill Atkins / Tom Carr