2006 Reunion Reflections


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"I'm always amazed by our classmates:

- They are all truly nice, warm, and caring people who I enjoy meeting with and talking to.  Without exception, they seem to be really interested in old, dull me and what I am doing and they never, never mention any of my past or current shortcomings, failings, or my general overall "deterioration".

- Besides their friendliness, I am amazed by their accomplishments and the various adversities that they have overcome and make little of.  We have doctors, engineers, real estaters, teachers, salesmen, an outstanding musician, and even a politician.  And, most impressive of all, our class contains many, many people who are the best at the toughest jobs of all --- being a good father and mother, husband and wife. 

I often think that if we combined all of our talents and abilities we would have one of the most successful organizations in the world.  

Obviously, so much has come from and of the Class of 1961!!!"

George Morgan


"If you want to feel 16 again, come to a class reunion!!!"

Linda (Brumley) Paul


"I especially enjoyed the guided tour of Sycamore High School (Sycamore Junior High School for most today --- but never for us).  The tour was filled with LOTS of conversations and stories along the way.  For me, the most touching moments were when we visited the old gym, field house, and cafeteria which look today much as they did in 1961.  My surprise was how small everything looked today versus my impression on how it was in 1961."

Tom Carr