Friday Activities

(September 8, 2006)


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Overview:   Cook-Out --- A very informal kick-off activity for the reunion.

Location / Time:  Swaim Park, Montgomery, Ohio / 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Description:  The very relaxed cook-out atmosphere provided an opportunity for people to circulate and get reacquainted with fellow classmates whom we have been united together with as classmates for these 45+ years.  Neil Strawser was our chef and he cooked the hot dogs and bratwurst to perfection.


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Swaim Park

Swaim Park Shelter

Martie (Arbic) Young

Chef Neil Strawser - Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker - Neil Strawser - Ron Robson

Ron Robson - Linda (Brumley) Paul

Gail Siebe - Alan Siebe - Ed Paul

Jim Taylor - Debbie (Jamison) Hawks - George Morgan - Marlene (Bobb) Alder

Phil Bryan - Doug "Zeke" Smith - Jerry Walker - Patricia Bryan

Bob Detrick - Alan Siebe - Gail Siebe

Linda (Brumley) Paul - Debbie (Jamison) Hawks - Doug "Zeke" Smith

Doug "Zeke" Smith - Linda (Brumley) Paul - Debbie (Jamison) Hawks - Ed Paul

Nancy (Backus) Detrick - Nancy Carr - Barbara (Barnes) Taylor - Jim Taylor

Jerry Walker - Ron Robson - Alan Siebe