Saturday Activities

(September 8, 2001)


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Overview:  The major activity for the reunion included a reception, dinner, a short program, and fellowship with classmates for the rest of the evening.

Location / Time:  Montgomery Inn, Montgomery, Ohio / 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Description: The evening started with a reception where we had another opportunity to meet and greet our fellow classmates.  Once all had arrived, a group picture was taken.  A great barbecue dinner followed featuring the specialties of the Montgomery Inn.  Also featured were two special "Sycamore Class of 1961 --- 40th Anniversary" reunion cakes for dessert.  Keeping our casual atmosphere in mind, the dress for the evening was "business casual" and the focal point for the evening was relaxing, talking with each other, and just having fun.


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Montgomery Inn

Montgomery Inn

Cake Table

Diane (Taylor) Prince - Nancy (Backus) Detrick - Tom Carr - Martie (Arbic) Young - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm

Nancy Carr with cakes

High School Cake

Class Picture Cake

Class Picture Cake (closeup)

Name Badges

Reunion Dining Room

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

Janell (Scott) Vennerholm at work


Diane (Taylor) Prince - Martie (Arbic) Young - Nancy (Backus) Detrick

Dave Stamper - Zeke Smith - Patty Stamper

Al and Pat (Fazzio) Slater

Ed Paul - Linda (Brumley) Paul - Connie (Womack) Grooms - Mike Grooms

Ron Kennedy - Bill Lawson

Connie (Blair) Enriquez - Joan (Brewster) Morgan

Diane (Taylor) Prince - John Wilkinson - Martie (Arbic) Young

Liliane and Dennis Garten

Dan and Mary Lou (Weber) Henke

Carol (Vanover) Shorter - Zeke Smith - Dan Dreyer - Ralph Harris - Dave Stamper

Alan and Gail Siebe

Otto and Carolyn Saer

Charity (Mathis) Robinson - Betty (Mason) Bradford - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm

John Foley - Sharon (Foley) Mullikin - Dave Stamper

Ron Robson

Skip and Debbie (Jamison) Hawks

Bob and Nancy (Higdon) Stautberg

Dennis Comberger

Al Slater - Neil Strawser - Pat (Fazzio) Slater - Brenda (Pasley) Isadore - Linda Strawser

Neil and Linda Strawser

Bill Osgood - Tom Carr

Dennis Garten - Dave Garten - Alan Siebe

Linda (Brumley) Paul - Connie (Womack) Grooms

George and Joan (Brewster) Morgan

Vincent Fry - Connie (Womack) Grooms

Sandy (O'Neal) McLin - Ann Anderson - Bob Anderson

Linda Strawser - John Wilkinson - Dennis Garten - Lilliane Garten - Neil Strawser

Bill and Karen Bruner

Connie (Stradtman) Harbron - Marlene (Bobb) Alder

Tom Carr - George Morgan

Dave Garten - Pat (Fazzio) Slater - Dennis Garten

Otto Saer - Carolyn Saer - Martie (Arbic) Young - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm - John Wilkinson

Glenn and Chris (Oppen) Hall

Vincent Fry - Ron Robson - Neil Strawser - Al Slater

Carol (Vanover) Shorter

Sandra (Sommers) Krieghoff - Hattie (Glover) Geisler

George Morgan - Nancy (Higdon) Stautberg - Alan Siebe - Ron Robson

Connie (Blair) Enriquez - Pat (Traud) Sweet - Nancy (Backus) Detrick - Sharon (Mullikin) Foley - Barbara (Geiser) Weems

Reunion Committee / Tom Carr - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm - Nancy (Backus) Detrick - Martie (Arbic) Young - Neil Strawser - Diane (Taylor) Prince



Tom Carr - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm

Tom Carr - Janell (Scott) Vennerholm - Martie (Arbic) Young

Kindergarten Kisser / Carol (Vanover) Shorter - Bill Lawson

Dan Henke (teacher) - Zeke Smith - John Foley