Reunion Reflections


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"Our reunion committee did such a wonderful job. I know it had to be a tremendous job planning the reunion and carrying it out but they came through and created such a wonderful weekend for all of us. They honestly cannot be thanked enough. I am still so "high" on the love and friendships from last weekend that I can hardly contain myself. The Sycamore class of 1961 is really a special class of special people."

Hattie (Glover) Geisler


"Our bodies may have aged a bit, but the personalities, enjoyment, and fun are the same as 40 years ago. What a great group of people (teachers included)!!! Having three events was a great opportunity to catch-up with as many classmates as possible, plus to have some time to ‘clown around’, which seemed to be the preference for the Sunday breakfast event. All in all, Gail and I had a wonderful time."

Alan Siebe


"It was truly a magical evening. I loved seeing old friends that I had not seen in years and trying to get caught up with their lives. It was especially wonderful to talk to classmates that I never got to know in school. Our reunion was a huge success and I took away a lot of wonderful memories."

Pat (Fazzio) Slater


"There was such a mutual feeling of friendship, love, respect, interest, thoughtfulness, companionship, for our fellow students of 40 years ago - we wanted to ‘connect’ like perhaps we didn't do back then ....... for we are older, wiser, and more loving than we were as teenagers."

Barbara (Geiser) Weems


"I thought Saturday and Sunday would be a letdown after such a wonderful Friday but they both were only more wonderful. It truly was a high!!! I wish I could have talked to everyone more. Next time a week of activities? I spent all Sunday on the way home thinking of things I wished I had asked. The committee truly gave us all a great gift!!!"

Linda (Brumley) Paul


"The reunion was so much fun. Too bad so many missed the Sunday get-together breakfast. We were just warmed up and raring to go. It was sad saying goodbye to old friends and new friends."

Sharon (Mullikin) Foley


"The weekend was not good or great - it was exceptional!!! Neither Joan nor I can remember when we last had so much fun, enjoyed something as much, and wanted it to never end. Even now, Joan and I look at each other and just smile thinking about the weekend and all the events leading up to it. The ‘glow’ continues. I feel energized, refreshed and just plain good."

George Morgan


"I really enjoyed getting to see everyone who came to the reunion and hearing from some who were unable to attend. I was especially happy that I could recognize some of our classmates because of the e-mails and even know a little about their lives beforehand. The reunion itself was well planned, fun, and the comradery was great."

Kay (Wells) Murray


"I thought this was the best reunion I have ever attended. The committee did a wonderful job with planning the events. Having three days to choose from was a great idea because it enabled anyone who could not attend all three days to possibly attend one of the events at least."

Betty (Mason) Bradford


"I feel this reunion was well thought out and a lot of hard work went into the organization of it. It was so great to see all my classmates that I haven't seen for sooooo many years. I am going to try to get together with some of my good friends again soon."

Marlene (Bobb) Alder


"I thought after Friday's event, Saturday and Sunday's events would be something less, maybe even boring, since we talked to so many classmates about so much on Friday. But, I was really wrong - everything just got better and better. I really think that we could have gone on for days or weeks."

Joan (Brewster) Morgan


"My gratitude and affection to all who created the week-end and all who participated in it to make it such a success. It was an extremely exhilarating three days --- couldn't have been better. I enjoyed everything, loved seeing everyone, and it ended tooooooooooooo soon."

Martie (Arbic) Young


"As I looked around at our class during the reunion, several words from the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong came to mind:

‘...... I see friends greeting friends, saying how do you do, but what they’re really saying is I love you. And I say to myself, what a wonderful world.’

Yes, what a wonderful world it is that we could be together once again this special weekend in September, 2001

--- 40 years after we graduated from high school together."

Tom Carr