Sharon (Dahm) Lien

3113 Wedge Road

Deming, New Mexico   88030-7323





Born:  February 9, 1944

Birthplace:  Riverside, California

Spouse:  Egil (April 9, 1968)

Children:  Matthew (12/27/67) / Justin (2/27/76) / Megan (2/27/76)

Grandchildren:  Joseph Allen (2/05/02)

Pets:  Charlie (dog) / Frisbee (Amazon parrot)

Advanced Education:  Attended Ohio State University / Columbus, Ohio

Military Service:  None

Occupation:  Retired (optician)

Interests:  Currently I am the Director of the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum in Deming, New Mexico --- one of the largest all volunteer museums in the country.  Hobbies are woodcarving, miniatures, all forms of needlework, and collecting Mata Ortiz pottery