Class of 1961

Sycamore High School

Blue Ash / Montgomery, Ohio



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2011 --- 50th Anniversary Reunion Celebration

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On Sunday, September 11, we concluded our 50th Anniversary Class of 1961 Reunion in Montgomery, Ohio. From the Thursday night riverboat cruise, to the Friday night "pizza in the park", the Saturday tours of the junior and senior highs schools, the Saturday night dinner with DJ, to the Sunday brunch, the reunion could not have been more enjoyable.  It was great seeing so many from our class as well as many from classes near us and several of our former teachers as well.  Use the "2011 Reunion" link above for a summary of the reunion.



Welcome to the web site for the Class of 1961 from Sycamore High School.  We're very pleased that you visited our class web site.


Many of the pages on the Memories, Patriotic, and Inspiration pages include the piano orchestral music of recording artist Mary Beth Carlson.  In the early 90's, Mary Beth left her career as a second grade teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue her dream of a music career.  That has led to the release of 24 CD's including four Christmas ones.  She performs numerous concerts throughout the country during the year.


Her music is described as "Relaxing, inspiring, imaginative ... providing a healing sense of serenity, joy, and well-being."   She has graciously allowed us to use many of her recordings on our web site.  More information on her and her music is included on the Mary Beth Carlson page.


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